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Here's a couple of tutorials you might find useful for learning programming languages, such as Python, (Python for Ethical Hacking), Shell Scripting, C++, C, PHP, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, Assembly. If you aren't the code along type you should check out some of the books listed below:


These sites are for learning different aspect of Cybersecurity or computers as a whole. Some sites, such as OverTheWire, are game based; you should check them out, it's pretty fun.



If you are not familiar with virtualization here are a few links to different products for virtualizing. Essentially it allows us to create different computers with different Operating Systems without having to change the host OS. This works by using the computers hardware resources, therefore if you have a computer with limited resources you might not be able to get the best out of virtualization.

Virtualization Platforms
ISO files are single representations of an entire CD or DVD used to install an operating system. These files are one of the main components needed to create a virtual machine. Here is a list of links for operating systems ISO files:


Here is a list of resources we at Cybercastors find very useful, we hope you can enjoy then as much as we do.


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